Best Everyday Backpack: Men's Edition

As a self-proclaimed backpack aficionado, I get this question a lot -- "what backpacks do you recommend?" and the answer usually depends on a couple factors: intended use, size, and style. I've consolidated a few of the best men's backpacks around based on common requests here.

What You're Looking For
You want a backpack that works for your daily commute to and from work, a sleek style that fits your various outfits, and can hold miscellaneous goods for your pre-/post-work hobbies, such as the gym, biking, or photography. You don't want the backpack to look too utilitarian or too functional. It needs to try without trying too hard.

Topo Designs Mountain Pack: At 30L, this pack is the perfect hybrid of outdoorsy daypack meets daily commuter. It looks sleek without trying too hard, yet has details like loops and buckles to hold the shape in when you're stuffing the pack for a long day out in the city. At $169, this pack is fairly priced and a great starter bag for anyone looking for an all around option.

Evergoods CPL24 Civic Pack: At 24L, this pack is everything the Goruck is in a lighter, more understated profile. The shoulder straps look extra comfortable, and the main compartment opens all the way, so it is an easy bag to use as a short weekender as well. At $229 though, it's a little bit more expensive than other options in this range.

Atlas Supply Co Entrepreneur Bag: This is one of the most lovely bags I've come across in a while. Started by a creative couple looking to make a bag perfect for wandering creatives, this pack boasts a "shelf" system to make storing photography gear (or gym gear) really easily. It also comes in 5-6 different colors, allowing every individual to find the pack that works for them. Volume isn't listed here, but if I were to guess this pack is likely 25L. The canvas options will run you $175 and the all leather options are $275.

DSPTCH Daypack: At 22L, this is the smallest of the packs. It's the simplest of all the packs too, with just one main pocket. However, it has a durable nylon (1680D with weather coating) and simple yet iconic details, which makes it an option that will stand out in very subtle ways. ($180)

GoRuck GR1 26L: A cult classic, this post will not be complete without a mention of this military grade, tacticool pack. It's highly modular, extremely durable, and will make you feel like you can roll through public transportation unscathed. You can find a number of attachments and accessories to make this pack personalized to you. At $295, this is the most expensive bag on the list, but everyone that I know who has this pack does not regret it.

Imperial Motion NCT Nano Backpack: A budget option at $60, this daypack has a "self-healing" technology, meaning small tears can be repaired with a little bit of heat and rubbing. This is a great option if you just want a simple pack that's different from the standard Herschel / Everlane packs, yet aren't ready to splurge on a bag that has more durable materials or features.

Ultimately, packs are personal and dependent on what you hope to use it for. If you end up getting one of these packs, let me know how you like it!


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